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Nantong hongxing carbon industry co., LTD

address: haimen in jiangsu province are more industrial park east

contact: Mr. Qian

hand machine: 13806281465

contact: Mr. Jiang

hand machine: 13815230912

contact: Mr. Qian

hand machine: 13806281475

electricity words: 0513-82673250

the true: 0513-82792551

post editor: 226153

website: http://www.nthxty.com

email: hx@nthxty.com

•haimen to Shanghai, 61 kilometers from the

•haimen to Shanghai pudong international airport about 2.5 hours

•haimen to Shanghai hongqiao airport about 1.5 hours

•haimen to nantong xingdong airport about 0.5 hours

•haimen to Shanghai international container terminal about 2 hours

•haimen to the nantong international container wharf is about 0.5 hours